The Japanese Bantam

The Japanese bantam, a small dove like bird developed in the 17th century in Japan but not seen in Europe until 1860, and remains unchanged.

Japanese Bantam BreedWhat sets the Japanese apart from the other true bantams is the short legs.

They have the shortest legs in fact they are sometimes seen and appear to have no legs walking with a waddle.

These are very decorative birds, they have 3 basic feather types, and this makes such a difference to the overall appearance.

There is the basic plain-feathered bird; these are normal looking straightforward feathering.

A little more unusual is the silkie types these have very soft graceful plumages and lastly theĀ  most dazzling are the frizzle varieties they have bizarrely curled feathers, the ends tend to bend back on itself and point towards the head.

Key Facts:
True bantam
Weight: male 18-20 oz female 14-18 oz

These are tiny birds which seems top heavy the male in particular with upright breast and full tail, this is another striking feature the impressive sickle feathers rising high above the head which supports large red eyes sometimes orange and a large single 5 point serrated comb.

The wings are long in comparison to the rest of the body angled towards the ground and close to the back of the body.

These little birds do require care and attention because of their short legs, the surrounding areas need to be clean and grass cut short for them to flourish, they are friendly birds to have around and some do fly so be warned.

If you are interested in the smaller breeds this is one to consider besides the choice of
colors are fascinating too.