Sussex Breed

The Sussex breed of chicken, was originally developed in Britain and was initially bread as a meat bird.

light-sussex-henHowever these days, due to the large quantity of large eggs this breed of chicken produces (approx. 250 - 270 large eggs), they are now considered to be more of a dual purpose chicken.

Laying this amount of large fresh eggs each year is no easy task.

They are a hard working bird, and their eggs are typically a cream-ish to light brown in color.

Key facts:
Weight: Male 9lbs Female 7lbs
Bantam male 32-36 oz female 28-32oz
Dual Purpose 250 - 270 large eggs per year

The Sussex chicken would be considered a very typical and easy to manage chicken.

It is not overly bothered by humans or other pets, and generally sticks to its job, making this breed extremely popular for the home or backyard chicken coop.

If you choose this particular breed of chicken to raise at home, you should try and incorporate a chicken run into the design of your chicken coop, as they enjoy a little freedom to run back & forth.

Their feathers are soft to the touch, they have a firm body and a single comb. Over the years of breeding the sussex chicken has developed many different variations of color. For exaple:

  • Speckled
  • Buff
  • White
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Brown

When it comes to laying eggs, which they don't seem to have any issues with, it has been documented that the White Sussex and the Light varieties tend to deliver slightly more.

So be sure to have the omelette pan good and hot.