Rhode Island Red Chicken Breed

The Rhode Island Red Chicken is one of the most successful utility breeds developed in America mixing some indigenous birds with foreign import birds from the Far East.

Rhode Island Red ChickenThey Rhode Island Reds are a good dual purpose chicken which can easily produce up to 250 - 300 large brown eggs every year.

Also this particular species of chicken is much appreciated for its meat.

For anyone starting to raise chickens at home, the Rhode Island Red Chicken is definitely the chicken to begin with.

These breeds are particularly robust & tolerant, and generally don't have too many issues adapting  to most new surrounding.

A decent built chicken coop at home or in the back yard would be quite sufficient in keeping these particular breeds of chicken happy.

If properly looked after these birds will reward their keep well with a good breakfast each and every day.

Key Facts:
Weight: Male 8 ½ lbs Females 6 ½ lbs
Bantam Male 28-32 oz Female 24-28 oz
Dual Purpose Bird Laying 250 - 300 eggs a year

This chicken again is not a natural sitter, so you shouldn't expect too see many new chicks, this step you will have to take care of yourself.

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Been a large heavy bird with extra soft feathers; it has a rectangular, oblong profile with a long flat back rising ever so slightly at the tail and has a vertical breast.

It has a rose or single, five-pointed serrated comb.

The legs of this bird are mainly bright yellow ish in color, they are sturdy & strong, which in turn helps it to support its heavy weight. They have four toes on each foot.

You'll find that the more modern breeds of this chicken are a little less red than the original breeds.