Raising Chickens At Home

Raising Safer Poultry Products at Home

A lot of people have discovered the value of producing their own poultry products.

When chickens are raised at home owners have an opportunity raise them free from harmful things such as hormones and harmful antibiotics.

This provides families with safer meat and eggs to enjoy. Chickens are easy to raise, but will definitely need to be protected from predators.

The most favorable way to grow chickens is in a coop. Many people find that it is easier and far more affordable to build their own chicken housing.

Building A Chicken Coop

One of the first things to consider is the size and style of coop that will best suit a growers needs.

This can be done by calculating how many chickens are necessary to adequately supply a family with their poultry needs.

There are numerous different styles and sizes of chicken coops, choosing the right one is very important to the health and safety of chickens.

A coop that offers safe nesting boxes and adequate space for foraging is optimal. It is also important to have easy access to gather eggs and clean the coop.

Selecting the Right Coop for Available Space

It is wise to first determine how much space is available for a coop. For people living in a city, a smaller coop will likely be required.

Smaller chicken coop styles make it easier to obtain fresh poultry without having to sacrifice much yard space.

A lot of growers with limited space prefer to use a wheeler style coop that can be wheeled across their yard so their chickens can live a free range lifestyle.

Larger families that have the space might find a hut, shed, or barn style coop to be better suited to their needs.

Chicken Coop Plans Make Building Easier

Regardless of prior building experience, it helps to have detailed plans before tackling any building project.

A set of chicken coop building plans offer a building materials list, a tool list, and instructions that will help make building a safe and spacious chicken coop a breeze.

Since there are numerous options, it is wise to consider several different plan styles before selecting one.

After selecting an appropriate set of plans, most of the materials needed are easily obtained through a local hard ware store.

Building a Coop versus Buying

There are a lot of pre-built chicken coops on the market. Unfortunately, they cost more and are often too small to suite a growers needs.

Additionally, transporting a chicken coop is another expense a pre-built coop requires.

When considering the pros and cons of buying a pre-made coop, most people find that building their own coop is an affordable and satisfying alternative.