Leghorns Breed Of Chicken

The Leghorn breed of chicken are one of the most pure breed of chickens. Although there are  many hybrid varieties of this bird, they are one the the worlds best known as egg layers.

A single Leghorn Chicken can produce around 290 white eggs per year, even throughout the cold and damp winter months.

This particular breed of chicken however, can be considered a non sitter, so you shouldn't  expect too much natural brooding, this you will have to encourage yourself.Leghorn Chicken Breed image

The leghorn chicken originally came from Italy, and as with most of these Mediterranean breeds of bird they can be considered to be excitable flighty birds.

However the Bantams (males variety) are considered to be a lot more docile.

These don’t mind being confined to smaller spaces like Chicken Coops due to their compact bodies.

They do however like to spread their wings and fly a little, so any chicken coop or containing fences should be at least 2 meters high, just to be safe.

The leghorn is classed as a light breed with medium to soft feathers; they have an attractively firm proportioned feathered body, with a full tail and long neck.

The legs are featherless and mostly yellow, although can sometimes be an off orange type color too.

Key facts:
Weight: Male 7 ½ lbs Female 5 ½ lbs
Bantam male 36 oz Female 32 oz
Layer average 290 white eggs per year

The female version of the leghorn chicken tend to have a folded single comb that falls to one side, while the males tend to have a large red upstanding comb.

Due to this reason, they can sometimes be prone to frost bite during colder snaps of weather. Using a little petroleum jelly can help to counter act this.

Or more importantly having the correct enclosure of Chicken Coop is extremely important, and not expensive either.

Their eyes and wattles are bright red in color and the beck is generally yellowish color. The ear lobes of the leghorn breed are generally pure white in color, but can sometimes be cream too. This is a good sign of a good egg layer, so don’t get confused and think that they are ill.

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Back in the day, it was America that extensively started to develop this breed of chicken. In the late 1830's, they imported their first brown and not too long after their first white bird.

And due to some extensive breeding programs, they developed the Rhode Island Red.

Some 40 years later they made their way back across the Atlantic to Britain.

The average leghorn chicken can live up to six years. They are known to have a small appetite.

Within the Leghorn Breed of chicken, they have developed some hybrids too:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cuckoo
  • Duckwing
  • Buff
  • Exchequer (an amazing producer of fresh eggs)
  • Mottled
  • Pyle
  • White (most common)
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Black Tailed Red
  • and this is too name just a few...

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