Choosing the Perfect Chicken Breed

There are many different reasons why people decide to raise chickens at home or in their backyards:

  • whether its for fresh egg daily
  • for fresh, organic meat
  • for use in exhibitions or shows
  • or purely for the preservation of a particular breed of chicken

The pure enjoyment and pleasure that one receives from raising their own chickens at home and observing their fascinating ways & behavior still plays a huge role in why people decide to raise & nurture their very own breeds.

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Regardless of someones reason for keeping these amazing animals, it is very important that you choose the right breed for the environment they are to be raised in.

And of course that the particular breed of chicken suits the requirements of the chick master.

Breed Selection is as big a part as Raising Chickens...

With the help of, I hope you'll find all the information you need to help you make the right decision when it comes to raising your chickens at home.

There are many different breeds of chickens, and some are not as straight forward as others when it comes to keeping them.

chicks and eggsFor example, some of the more popular named breeds can be unsuitable for home raising.

Some of the more rare breeds can be difficult to find and difficult to manage for a beginner keeper.

Some types can be very excitable and nervous breeds (known as ‘flighty’) and these type are best left alone, especially if you have young children or other pets.

Where To Start When Choosing Your Chicken Breed?

A good question, and one I receive all the time. Leaving aside the more unsuitable types for home raising, there is still an extensive range very suitable for home breeding.

chicken breeds imageSo what do you want to get from your new chickens?

Regardless of whether its for a good supply of fresh eggs daily, the occasional roast chicken or even a show bird, there is a breed for you.

If it’s the wonderful exciting plumage arrangement or remarkable egg colors then the
more conventional breeds would suit best, for example:

  • Sussex Breed
  • Orpington Breed
  • Cochin Breed
  • Araucana Breed
  • Wyandotte Breed

Again if its for a tasty roast, then maybe the Dorking Breed would suit best.

If its for a good supply of fresh eggs daily then breeds that originate or are from
around the Mediterranean will most certainly deliver the goods, for example:

Utility breeds were created to provide the worlds commercial egg production during the post-war era, they include:

Your less productive breeds like the Cochin has been bred over the years for their shape,
size and feathering, mainly for shows and exhibitions.

These chickens today carry very little resemblance to the original ones that turned up in Britain from the far east during 1840.

It is known that this particular breed of chickens started the exhibition movement in Britain and was an instant success.

new to raising chickensSo please feel free to browse around my little website, and use the information contained to help you make an informed & educated decision.

You'll find I've have some recommendations contained within my site, which truly helped me out at the beginning. And of course please feel free to drop me an email if there is anything I can help you with.